What type of doctor makes the most money?

When we are children, one of our biggest dreams is to become doctors and save the lives of all the patients we serve, and although many of us do fulfill that dream, others are dedicated to other professions. Despite you have surely heard that doctors make a lot of money, this is not always the case. Like almost every profession, the amount of money doctors receive from their work will depend on the type of doctor they are or the number of specializations they have.

Some specializations have a higher remuneration in comparison to others due to the difficulty of the study field and the equipment required to perform the diagnoses.

In this article, you will be able to read which are the best-paid doctors based on the areas of specialization.

Top 10 Of Best Paid Doctor Jobs

  1. Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon looking at scans

A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and operations of diseases that affect the central nervous system. For example, they treat conditions such as tumors, trauma, and congenital anomalies.

This is one of the best-paid professions since to become a neurosurgeon you must study in approximately 4 different programs (including 4 years to obtain a D.O degree and 5 years in a neurosurgery residency program).

A doctor who is specialized in this area could receive $ 600,000.00 annually.

  1. Cardiologist


A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels).

In addition to studying at a medical school and receiving training in general internal medicine, this type of doctor must study for about 3 more years so they can receive the degree of Cardiologist.

In return for their rigorous work in caring for patients with heart problems, this healthcare professional receives approximately $ 481,500.00 per year.

  1. Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

Although the first thing we think of when mentioning plastic surgery is cosmetic interventions, it is worth noting that plastic surgeons are not only dedicated to this field. Aside from esthetical treatments, this specialty is focused on correcting any physical defect that affects bodily function.

Like with previous specializations, this type of doctor must undergo plastic surgery residency training. After completing their formation and performing their job, these surgeons are remunerated an estimated yearly amount of $ 436,000.00.

  1. Dermatologist


Etymologically this term comes from Greek words whose meaning in our language is “study of the skin.” So, as you surely know, this kind of doctor is dedicated to treating diseases in our skin, hair, and nails.

To be a certified dermatologist, doctors must study at least 3 years in the dermatology residency program (in addition to the previous 9 years of study).

Generally, dermatologists receive an annual income of approximately $ 411,500.00.

  1. Anesthesiologist


This type of doctor is dedicated to the preparation and care of patients before, during, and after undergoing surgeries; as well, they are in charge of determining how much anesthesia should be administered to each patient depending on their body condition and their diagnosis.

The training to become an anesthesiologist takes 4 years and the annual income of these professionals is a sum of about $ 329,000.00.

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  1. Radiologist

Although many people doubt whether radiologists are doctors or not, the reality is that they are, and their job consists of diagnosing diseases through clinical images (x-ray).

On average, they annually receive the amount of $ 420,000.00.

  1. Orthopedist

This type of doctor is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the skeleton and muscles. They treat injuries to the tendons, ligaments, and bones. Their income can be around $ 504,000.00 per year.

  1. Otolaryngologist

Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine in charge of diagnosing diseases of the mouth, nose, ears, throat, and other related organs. This type of doctor earns around $ 425,000.00 annually.

  1. Emergency Medicine Physician

Very few people know this type of doctor and they are perhaps one of the most important in the world of medicine. These professionals are dedicated to stabilizing patients during surgeries and taking care of their vital signs. Consequently, they must act quickly and with precision since the life of the patient will depend on the decision they make.

For their meticulous and dedicated work, they receive approximately $ 351,000.00 per year.

  1. Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, esophagus, bile ducts, intestines, colon, liver, rectum, pancreas, and gallbladder). These doctors are rewarded with an annual income of $ 437,000.00.

Additionally, you need to remember that the incomes also depend on the state where the doctor works. In 2020, the state that paid the best for doctors was Kentucky, followed by Tennessee and Florida.