How to Get the 1095-a form Online?

Health insurance exchanges such as sent this 1095-a form to the IRS and the policyholder. This form has all your information about the cost of your plan and any premium subsidy. It also includes the cost of the second-lowest-cost silver plan in your state, which members of your family had coverage under the program, and most importantly, the months you have health insurance.

Your coverage will be reported on a 1095-a if you get health insurance through the health insurance marketplace, commonly known as an Exchange. For this, you need to file the information from the 1095-a form with your 2020 tax return. 

You could get the 1095-a form, also known as the health insurance marketplace statement if you or anyone in your family had the marketplace coverage during the year. If you qualify, you can also use this to claim the premium tax credit.

If you’re wondering about how you can get this 1095-a form keep on reading this article.

Where Do You Find Your 1095-a Tax Form?

You could get your 1095-a form in your account if you purchased your plan by yourself. The government mailed this form to the IRS or your account. If you get your healthcare coverage from your employer, you have to contact your company benefits department to get your form.

The following steps will guide you to get this document. 

  • If you have a Marketplace account, log in to it.
  • Instead of your 2021 application, select your 2020 application under your existing applications. 
  • From the menu, select Tax Forms.

Here you will see the option of your forms 1095-a for tax filing; click the download button and follow the steps based on your browser. If you are a chrome user, the download PDF option is displayed on the bottom of the screen, Safari users pop-up option is available. After downloading, save the file to your computer or print it out if you need it.

For your convenience, here is a sample form so you can see what it looks like:

form 1095-a sample

Make sure to read your form deeply, and in case of any incorrect information, contact the Marketplace center. Wait to pay your taxes until your 1095-a form is accurate. It is essential to know that you won’t be able to get any form if you only purchase a dental or catastrophic plan.

It is vital to have form 1095-a when you report your advance payment of the premium tax credit. But if you do not file your return, it will cause a delay in your refund and future advance credit payments.

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Importance of a 1095-a Form

There are three types of tax forms such as 1095-a, 1095-c, 1095-c. The type of form you need depends on what kind of health insurance you bought last year. Generally, you get a 1095-a form if you obtain health insurance subsidies.

It is essential to get the form before paying your taxes because the form lists all the information about your Marketplace coverage policy, such as who is enrolled in the policy, how many months you are covered by health insurance, and its details. This 10945-a form also has information about the premiums you paid and how many premium tax credits you use. 

You can expect to receive your 1095-a form by March if your taxes are due on April 15. In any case, if you don’t get it, the IRS recommends you to wait until you receive it before filling your tax return. Like any other records or W-2 form, keep your form with your tax documentation.