Can Undocumented Immigrants Get Health Insurance?

Undocumented or illegal immigrants are those individuals who are foreign-born and currently residing in the US without any authorization. This group of individuals includes persons who entered the country according to the rules and stayed after their status or visa expired, or those who entered the country unlawfully. 

Health insurance is one of the essential needs of every individual as the cost of health care coverage rises day by day. Unfortunately, illegal immigrants in the US are at high risk of being uninsured. That’s why they have fewer options.

They are ineligible to qualify for Affordable Care Act Marketplace health coverage, Medicare, CHIP (children’s health insurance program), or Medicaid. Some states offer some options to women for parental care. Also, there are conditions in which some undocumented immigrants may have access to employer-sponsored health insurance, but many do not get this opportunity.

If you want to know the details related to the illegal immigrant’s health insurance, keep on reading this article.

How Undocumented Immigrants Obtain Health Coverage?

If you are an undocumented immigrant looking for health insurance, you can get private insurance on the marketplace in some places and some instances. Remember that since illegal immigrants can’t access subsidies for health coverage, they have to face high prices of private insurance. 

According to the recent laws, undocumented immigrants cannot buy plans in the exchange. In some states, the government provides coverage for some pregnant women and children.

Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for ACA coverage as they only provide services to US citizens and immigrants who entered the country lawfully. ACA specifically prevents undocumented individuals from enrolling in coverage.

Some states implement some conditions and programs that help undocumented immigrants, especially pregnant women and children, get health insurance. If any illegal immigrant needs any health care, they can access basic health coverage through community health centers. If they need any suggestions related to family planning, they can access all the help through Title X clinics.

According to federal law, the emergency rooms of all hospitals must see and stabilize patients and give them all the treatment they need in emergency care. This law implies for those who are undocumented or uninsured.

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Efforts to Ensure Illegal Immigrants

Many states are making efforts to ensure undocumented immigrants by using their funds to provide Medicaid coverage to unauthorized individuals with low income. Such as California state started to open up its exchange health programs to illegal or undocumented immigrants who can pay the total price for health coverage. 

California is already in one of those states who put the ball in undocumented immigrants’ court by changing the rules to allow for Medicaid to illegal immigrant children. The Governor of California passes the law for the state to allow uninsured immigrants to enroll in health coverage through the state-run exchange plan.

People who enter the country illegally are barred from enrolling in Medicaid or any other health coverage program. These undocumented individuals can’t get insurance through ACA because they are only authorizing citizens. The only way is to purchase their unsubsidized insurance if the illegal immigrant affords it.