Best Dental Insurance for Seniors On Medicare

Few insurances are strongly focused on Medicare Advantage. We have checked the right insurances to help you select a Medicare Advantage package that provides dental benefits. 

Our criteria include affordability, quality, accessibility of the website, as well as the Medicare Star Rating System. These are our best choices:

– Best Quality: United Health Care

– Best Customer Service: Kaiser Permanente

– Best Online Service: Humana

Here we explain why!

Top 3 Dental Insurances

dentist on senior

United Health Care

Established in 1974, United Healthcare was selected as the highest quality based on reputation and participation in the AARP (American Association of Retired People). 22 million individuals were registered nationally in Medicare Advantage programs in 2019; United Healthcare covers a 26% proportion of these 22 million individuals.

Over 82% of Medicare applicants had connections to a minimum of one UH Plan. Additionally, United Healthcare is currently the fourth biggest customer support in 2020 J.D. Power research (800 out of 1,000 points).

The entire program varies from $0 up to $100 per month based on the requirements and position (HMO, HMO-POS, PPO, etc.). You will also get additional AARP schemes and resources, such as travel incentives, home savings and vehicle policies, and complimentary financial counseling if you prefer United Healthcare.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser was in the second position in its satisfaction survey at Medicare Advantage and was one point out of the top rank. Since 1945, Kaiser Permanente has been the biggest managed care company in the USA. 

Kaiser’s Medicare Advantage package requires individuals to get benefits at every permanent Kaiser hospital, with rates of up to $0 to over $100 a month, based on the criteria.

Kaiser provides the Silver & Fit Senior Wellness Package and several Medicare Advantage Plans. It has an easy-to-use home-based service and provides instructional material on safe aging, social events, and a screening feature.

In the annual survey, J.D. Power customers ranked Kaiser for five straight years (2015–2019) as the highest overall Medicare Advantage package and only graded one point below Highmark in 2020 J.D. The Medicare Star Score scores were also good in 2021 Medicare Insurance plans. It receives 5 out of 5 stars in Georgia, Colorado, California, Maryland, Hawaii, Oregon, Virginia. In Washington DC, it gets 4.5 out of five stars.

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Humana provides many online services to assist participants of the Medicare Advantage Programme. Humana’s RXMentor helps enrollees to keep their prescriptions up to date and save. 

Their MyHumana software comprises fingerprint sign-ins, drug rates, claims, and online providers to enter ID cards. You can collect, record, and redeem points to complete safe actions with your Go365 software and app. These are the useful features of the platform that makes it the best online service accessible to Humana.

On the other hand, Humana also provides SilverSneakers, a senior wellness and well-being platform including fitness centers, courses, and the SilverSneakers Go exercise app to monitor and organize events.

Humana provides an opportunity for extra dental benefits for any of the Medicare Advantage policies. For example, you will earn $45 for in-line dentist visits and a $50 out-of-network dentist for the Medicare-covered dental facilities if you are in Dallas, Texas, and participate in the Humana Gold Preference PFFS program.

For an extra premium, you can apply to Humana’s MyOption Dental – High DEN838, which provides coverage of both in- and out-of-network dentists for prevention, essential and primary services.